Hi Everyone! My name is Gloria!

In this blog I will be posting some of my daily eats, weight loss updates, and a bit here and there about my sometimes crazy life. :D


Some of the details:

Im 26 years old & 5'3'' in height.

Highest Weight: 232 lbs.
Tumblr Starting Weight: 210 lbs.

Mini Goal: 180 lbs.
2nd Mini Goal: 160 lbs.
Long-term Goal: 145 lbs.

Hope everyone can join me on my weight loss journey! and If anyone needs support, Im here! ♥

Feel free to ask me anything! :D

Email: gloriamar.delgado@icloud.com

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Yum!!! #proteinshake 😍

This was today’s Breakfast!!! Right on track!!! :D

Saturday Morning Breakfast! Have a blessed weekend! 😘

Today’s lunch! Chicken breast in tomato sauce and black beans! Delicious and nutritious ☺️