Hi Everyone! My name is Gloria!

In this blog I will be posting some of my daily eats, weight loss updates, and a bit here and there about my sometimes crazy life. :D


Some of the details:

Im 26 years old & 5'3'' in height.

Highest Weight: 232 lbs.
Tumblr Starting Weight: 210 lbs.

Mini Goal: 180 lbs.
2nd Mini Goal: 160 lbs.
Long-term Goal: 145 lbs.

Hope everyone can join me on my weight loss journey! and If anyone needs support, Im here! ♥

Feel free to ask me anything! :D

Email: gloriamar.delgado@icloud.com
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This was today’s Breakfast!!! Right on track!!! :D

Saturday Morning Breakfast! Have a blessed weekend! 😘

Today’s lunch! Chicken breast in tomato sauce and black beans! Delicious and nutritious ☺️

Lunch: Couscous and Veggies! Simple and healthy!

Hi everyone!

So today, I’d like to take the time and make a very important post.

Years ago, when I started this blog, in order to keep track of my weight and stay motivated, I would participate on a little something called weigh-in Wednesdays.

This was one of the main things that helped me stay accountable during my weight-loss journey, which is why I would like to do this once again.

Even tho I don’t want to make this blog all about weight loss any longer, it is still a part of what I am trying to do! which is getting healthy!  ;)

which leads me to the following…

Previously, the diet I followed was a low calorie, low carb, low fat diet, and well, apperantly that didnt work!!!

I managed to lose around 75 lbs in the short time of 6 months! but this obviously wasn’t kept off for long! and mow I am back to square one! Annoyed, moody, and overweight!…and lets face it! no one likes to feel that way!

Not to mention, my back kills!!! all this as a result of gaining all that weight back! I’m in pain all the time!!!

Part of me was dreading this post, because I have to admit I was wrong! I did things wrong!!! but in order to continue, talking about this was necessary!

This is when I start to do quite the opposite! I start to get healthy!!!

No more calorie counting for me! instead! lets begin to nourish! and at the same time! Lets begin to shrink! The healthy way! :)

WEEK 1: Thursday, December 19, 2013

Height: 5’3″     Age: 26

Starting weight: 210.2 lbs

Front View:


Side View:


As you all can see, I carry most of my weight around my waist! Let’s see how much progress I can make by next week! :)

Keep your fingers crossed for me!! and I am so excited for you all to once again follow me on my journey.

Much love,

P.S. If you’re losing weight and you’re sharing your weightloss journey, feel free to let me know! I would love to have a look! and for us to support eachother! :D